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    Forex Pairs

    Get immediate access to over 60 currency pairs, including all the Major Pairs (e.g. EUR/USD – Euro Zone/United States), Minor/Cross-Currency Pairs (e.g. EUR/GBP – Euro Zone/United Kingdom) and Exotic Pairs (e.g. USD/HKD – US Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar). Unlike with other financial markets, forex trades can be profitable under both bearish and bullish market conditions. That’s because in forex you have the option to either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ an exchange rate, depending on the direction you think it’ll go.

    Oil CFDs

    Trade on a wide range of CFDs on energy products – West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Brent Crude, and more. This market-leader is known for its exceptional volatility and consistent liquidity, which offer high returns to compensate for its higher-than-average- risk levels. It has been coined “Black Gold” due to its unequivocal importance to global economy.

    Gold CFDs

    Take advantage of the price movements in the world’s leading exchange-traded bullions. With Fortrade you can buy and sell commodity CFDs (Contracts for Differences) on all major coinage metals, including platinum, copper, silver and, of course, gold – the the most sought-after metal in the trading world. Gold CFD prices are generally considered more volatile than prices of other commodities, and as such are preferred by many traders.

    Agriculture CFDs

    With Fortrade you can create a diversified food and agriculture-based portfolio. We offer CFDs on a number of leading crop commodities and other raw materials such as wheat, corn, sugar and cotton. These staple products, which are traded on many commodity markets and exchanges around the world, play an important role in today’s global economy. And, since they’re often subject to extreme price volatility, their futures and options can provide ample opportunities to make large tradings from relevantly small investments.

    Index CFDs

    Trade with Fortrade on USA 500, USA 30, UK 100 (UK), GER 30 (Germany), JAPAN 225 (Japan) and other leading indices. Our index CFDs provide you an investment avenue for benefiting from leading industry sectors or the market as a whole, rather than simply pinpointing an individual stock. CFD trading hours are in accordance with the corresponding stock exchanges in the US, UK, Europe and Asia.

    Stock CFDs

    With Fortrade, you can trade on 100s of global stock CFDs from some of the largest and most influential companies in the US (listed on NYSE, NASDAQ) and in Europe (Listed on London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Euronext and more). Whether you think it will go up or down, stock CFDs let you capitalise on the changes in an individual stock price – both quickly and easily.

    Trading Conditions

    You can view all the trading conditions for individual investment instruments which can be traded on our platforms here. We wish you a successful and profitable trading!

    ECN Trading Conditions

    You can view all the ECN trading conditions for individual investment instruments which can be traded on our platforms here. We wish you a successful and profitable trading!

    Rollover dates

    Fortrade gives CFD trading on futures. All futures contracts have a maturity date. In order to allow continuous trading to our valued traders, Fortrade changes matured contract with a new contract and a new price before maturity of each futures contract.

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