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  • Fortrade MetaTrader 4

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    About platform

    Fortrade MetaTrader 4 offers fully sustainable solution for your Forex trading while using technical analysis. With Fortrade MetaTrader 4 you have everything you need to maximize your profits.

    To take advantage of all opportunities that exist in today’s fast-growing market, you need to respond appropriately, and that is what this platform offers you. Fortrade MetaTrader 4 meets all your needs in the financial markets by using advanced systems of data processing.

    Platform overview

    Fortrade MetaTrader 4 benefits:

    • To assist individual clients develop their strategies for trading this platform offers the use of technical analysis, graphs and expert advice.
    • History repeats itself. It’s price movements will follow. MetaTrader will help users predict further price movement depending on the mobility of the market.
    • MetaTrader platform is supported in a variety of languages. This platform can be used in every country in the world thanks to this characteristic.
    • This platform has a wide range of customisable functions. Each user can see detailed characteristics of financial instruments and all groups according to the parameters the user established.
    • See all your transactions at any time and a detailed report of the operations scope so that you can determine your strategy.
    • Extensive, diverse, improved and personalized indicators and charts use the appropriate strategy for You. The potential for higher trading by creating your own system.
    • Fast opening, changing and closing transactions and contracts. In other words, maximizing profits, minimizing losses and all other options offered by the MetaTrader.
    • Upon your request, You can open and use the demo account and change the password yourself.
    • We encourage You to open the charts on the platform and thus become less dependent on one price.
    • It will be easier for You to find the shortcuts if You use the icons and menus on and above the platform.
    • We offer trailing Stop Loss as the least expensive way to maximize profits. Memorise the transactions, so You do not have to be by Your computer and ignore the daily activities as the most effective way to see results.

    Download the platform to Your computer.

    Download platform
    Download platform