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  • MT4 Mobile

    MT4 Mobile2018-09-10T12:28:39+00:00

    Click the link below to access your store and download the application, depending on the operating system you have on your phone, iOS or Android.

    Installation instructions:


    1. Go to your application store, find the app “Metatrader 4” and download it to your phone


    2. Start the application and select the first option “Login with existing account“


    3. Search for “fortrade” to find your broker after and after your search results display Fortrade – Fortrade LTD, click on it


    4. Now enter the login data for your Fortrade trading account and select “Save password” so the application remembers your password. After entering the data click “Sign In” at the top of the screen


    5. Wait a moment and the system will log in to the mobile MT4 platform with a host of advanced options