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  • Advantages of Forex

    //Advantages of Forex
    Advantages of Forex2017-12-31T12:09:03+00:00
    As mentioned before, Forex market is the biggest finance market of the world. With its trading volume more than 2 trillion Dollar, it brings many direct advantages to investor.

    First one of these advantages is hours. Forex market never closes and a great amount of liquidity is present in market every time because of big volumes. Therefore, investor knows it is possible he/she can enter or exit trading every time.

    Forex market is always open. Trade starts in Sydney Australia on Sunday and as day proceeds by passing over Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo in Asia, later Middle East, European and American markets step in.
    Most extensive hours of trade are the ones that American session is opened, European and Middle East markets also nears closing but continue trading.

    When American session begins closing, it starts in Australia. This process lasts in this manner until American market closes at 17.00 in New York local time.
    Forex market being completely global gives the chance of trading without staying out of trade for investors of Forex market when an important event happens in any point of the world or economic explanation is made

    Sydney Australia 23:00 07:00
    Tokyo Japan 01:00 09:00
    Frankfurt Germany 08:00 16:00
    London Great Britain 09:00 17:00
    New York USA 14:30 22:30
    Forex market is assumed OTC (Over the Counter) or out of interbank. Because trading are carried out directly over electronic network or phone between two parties. Trade does not take some foreign currency as centre like in stock and future markets.
    Liquidity in market assures investor as it is known market will show the same behaviour at night or day, in any place of the world. In this matter, Forex market differs from other financial markets. Because, as enough player is not found in other markets, in hours of day when liquidity is the lowest, spreads can be extended or doors are closed to trade.
    Over Fortrade Trader platform, traders can see on-line, real tine, applicable spot rates in prices continuously changing. Spot rates are produced by liquidity provides composed of the biggest global banks and leaders of foreign currency market of the world of Fortrade. These rates seen on Fortrade’s trader platform determine market and reflect the supply and demand flow of Forex across the globe.
    In other financial markets, it is known big players steer some part of commodity to obtain profit. Due to huge volume in Forex market, intervening market is almost impossible even for the biggest player groups.
    No cost of trading in foreign currency market is available with Fortrade. Cost for trading, commission, secret prices or brokering prices are unavailable. Fortrade gets its revenue from the difference between prices of buy and sell.

    When Forex market is compared with other financial markets, a conscious investor understands the difference.
    For instance, in capital markets, investors pay the price between 7- 30 Dollar over on-line discount brokers. When worked with brokers giving inclusive service, this amount becomes 100 Dollar per trading in general.
    Trading commissions, buy-sell and customers prices are included in all packages when compared to future market. Cost is an important subject for very investor. And when we compare main financial markets of the world from the point of cost, Forex market is clearly ahead of others.

    Other cost of trading is the spread between buy- sell prices. For tightest spread offered, Fortrade offers 3-4 pip for main parities. This amount represents 0,025 % cost, namely quarter of each thousand or 25% of 1%.

    For instance Standard spread in capital market is 0,125% in general. This is fivefold of the spread in Forex market. And trading to be added is not included in that.

    When looked at future markets too, case is not better. If we handle similar tools traded, for example EUR/USD contract, we see that spreads being possible with Forex is 40% less than those of future markets. And other costs to be appended in this accounting are excluded.

    In order to begin live trade with Fortrade, investor can open account with small amount like 100 $. This amount can only pay opening commission in other finance markets. High leverage rate which can be used in foreign currency trading out of exchange market can be beneficial or give damage to you while trading. Leverage can also cause big profit or loss.
    While trading with Fortrade, investors can trade with small amounts as much as 5000 units of foreign currency they trade. This amount becomes 125000 when compared to similar markets like futures market. Start to trade with Fortrade is easier for you.
    With Fortrade, investors can trade in amounts up to 200fold of their current capitals with 200:1 leverage rate.

    In capital markets, they in general can trade in 2:1 leverage rate (it is 100 fold more in forex market). Margins can change from one investment tool to another one in future markets, but 10:1 leverage rate can be used at the furthest. (it is 20fold in forex).

    Cross Exchange rates usually shows less float than the instrument in capital or future markets. Therefore, making more successful investments by using the leverage rate in forex market is possible. Investor can utilize the possibilities such as limit and stop orders, provided to himself/herself. Merging these orders with correct money management is also significant for successful trade. Leverage can also cause big profit or loss.

    There are many factors restricting shorting in some financial instrument in many financial markets across the globe. At the moment when you enter a trading in forex market, you sell another one while you buy a foreign currency unit. Therefore, opportunities of buy and sell trade are the same and indefinite opportunities are found for you to obtain profit.

    With a general expression, buy trading in major currency is called as “long” and sell trading as “short”.

    Only with opening a trading, all brokerage package is given investor automatically. Customer has the chance of access the platform having all features irrespective of his/her trading volume or trading number. 
    Things offered to investor by platform:

    • Demo Account: you can practice, using your platform equipped with all real time data and all features on demo account.
    • You will have many cross currency options.
    • No any fee or commission. Fortrade only earns from the difference between prices of buy and sell.
    • Trading with leverage: customers can trade with leverage rate up to 200:1. this means the opportunity of getting more profit. High leverage rate can be used in foreign currency trading out of exchange market. Leverage can also run for your benefit or your loss.
    • Possibility of making professional trade in market with single or double clicking according to your preference. You can use orders like stop loss, limit, OCO (one cancel other). As entering order can be hard in times when excessive volumes are present, these options facilitate your trading.
    • Graphics: graphics easy to use, updated every moment. You can record many graphics in different working pages.
    • Technical analysis. A large number of technical indicators is here to assist you to decide. Many indicator options are available.
    • Updated Economic calendar and analysis: follow economy news, know when they are realized and what they mean, see developments closely by using daily comments and analyses of Fortrade.
    • Service: We are here for you. Our team at your disposal 24 hours for your any question or offer.